Menu 8.6 – 8.12

Hey all. I just wanted to really quickly clarify that I am NOT posting “healthy” recipes. They are not catered specifically to any diet, paleo diet, or for vegans and vegetarians. I have no food allergies and there for there will be gluten. If I post a recipe that does not cater to your life style you are more than welcome to make any substitutions that you choose. Also if I come across recipes that are vegan or vegetarian friendly I will make a comment about it. I however can take a guess and say that about 98% of what I post is going to contain a meat, or some sort of meat product. I apologize if that sounds rude or anything, I am just covering my disclaimer incase people get upset that recipes I post contain meat. Lets be real, it will happen, it’s the internet. Everyone get offended.


On to the menu!

Sunday 8.6 – Dinner at Devon’s parents. This is a Sunday tradition and yeah.

Monday 8.7 – So Dev and I wernt really feeling the whole dinner thing last night. I had originally planned a chicken and rice recipe. (Salt and pepper with garlic and then the 5 minute ready rice). I ended up just cooking the chicken. We had a late lunch and we didn’t feel like eating a “large meal”.

Tuesday 8.8 – Its hamburger night! I take 2lbs of ground beef, add salt, pepper, some garlic, Italian seasoning, and cyanine pepper. I form them into patties and cook them in a skillet. Tonight I am going make some tater-tots, because well, potato is life.

Wednesday 8.9 – Creamy Rosemary Pork Chops. Here is the recipe. (Still figuring out this blog thing and how to connect hyperlinks. I apologize). I might add in some green beans or maybe broccoli as a side vegetable.

Thursday 8.10 – It’s leftover night. I don’t know how to cook in small portions for 2 people so we typically end up with a large amount of leftovers.

Friday 8.11 – Sandwich night. Self explanatory. Get some bread. Get some meat. Grab some chips. Bam, dinner.

Saturday 8.12 – Due to family events that are happening this Sunday, so we are doing family dinner on Sunday.

Well, yeah. There we go. Dinners for the week.