Weigh in Wednesday and Fitness Friday

I’m combining two posts and I’m super late on posting. Apologies. One day I will be on time, I promise.

So Wednesday there wasn’t a weight change. I stayed the same at 247 pounds. I honestly expected that I was going to gain weight, and the bad weight. I did not have a very good food week last week. I had really bad sugar cravings, and for the first time in two months I had a soda. I was constantly munching on things and I only went to the gym twice. Not that this week was any better on the gym front. I went three times. This week has been a better food day tho so I am really thankful for that.

6.19.2017 = 248 lbs        8.2.2017 = 247 lbs         8.9.2017 = 247 lbs

Dev started his new Job this week and so its been a bit hectic with trying to get schedules and things figured out, but he got a gym pass so he will be joining Bailey and I. I also had a job interview in the school district as a Special Education Aide which is really exciting. I think it’s pretty much safe to assume that I have the job. Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx it.  I think that once we get into a grove of everything the gym will become more consistent.

Monday was a bust. Dev had the day off so we decided to sleep in, and when I say sleep in, I mean we didn’t get out of bed till 11:30. Then I had my job interview. then we went to the pool where I almost died. Kind of an exaggeration, but it could of been worse. I was sitting in the hot tub and I was like *sexy hair flip* and bounced my head off the hand rail. I had to sit there for a minute, my body deciding if it was going to pass out or throw up because of the pain. Thank goodness neither happened, and I wasn’t bleeding. I maybe gave myself a small concussion … The spot still hurts and sometimes bright light is painful. I survived though, so that’s always good.

Tuesday: It was arm day. Also the day that Dev got a gym membership. So we all went and yeah. I finally figured out all the official names of all the arm exercises that I have been doing. I used the magical Google.com to find them (Arm Exercises with Dumbbell). So without further ado:

  1. Arnold Press @10 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  2. Front Raise @5 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  3. Lateral Raise @5 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  4. Hammer Grip Chest Press @10 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  5. Chest Fly @5 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  6. Bicep Curls @10 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  7. R. Overhead Extensions @10 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  8. L. Overhead Extensions @10 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  9. R. Tricep Kickback @5 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  10. L. Tricep Kickback @5 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  11. Forward Bent Row @10 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  12. R. Row @10 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell
  13. L. Row @10 lbs 15 reps x 2 sets Dumbbell

*I try and do these in groups so it would be (1, 2, 3, repeat 4, 5, 6, repeat 7, 8, repeat 9, 10 repeat 11, 12, 13, repeat). Does that make sense?

Wednesday: This was conditioning. I don’t know exactly how to tell you what I was doing. It was a lot of full body, high cardio. I can say that upped the number of reps that I was doing. Last week during conditioning I was only doing 15 reps of things, but I decided to challenge my self. So I just added 5 reps to everything. The nice thing is that there are no sets so its just go-go-go. When I was doing things with Trainer Rick, he was just having me do as many reps that I could in 1 minute. That felt like a lifetime, and I hate timers and clocks. In video games I hate that kind of pressure and usually end up failing. Same thing. I go super hard for like 20 seconds and then fall on my face for the last 40. Therefore, I just started to go by sets. I noticed that at the beginning 10 sets was starting to strain my muscles so I did 15 to get that “good” kind of burn. However this week getting to 15 was easy so I added that 5 and well, around 18 I wanted to give up. I think that’s how I’m going to pace myself. I use one of those wooden boxes, ones that crazy people jump on to. Lots of Kettle Bell with some sort of squatting action. Maybe also use the Google or Youtube to find helpful demonstrations.

Thursday: This was another no gym day Devon and Bailey got a personal training session with Rick, there is a free one when you sign up. But they didn’t want to go with me and so I decided that I would sleep in with Dev.

Friday: LEEEEGGGG DAYYYYY: I love leg day. That might sound sarcastic, but I genuinely love working out my legs. That’s where all of my power is and so I get a huge rush of energy and motivation to work harder and push farther with lower body work outs. Again, this is going to be difficult to explain what it is that I do exactly. But I’ll try.

  1.  I’m going to call this the sitting squat machine. 20 reps, 18, reps, 15 reps
  2. I’m going to call this the standing squat machine. 20 reps, 18 reps 15 reps

* So again, I would alternate. (sitting, standing, sitting, standing, sitting, standing) Each set has less reps as the set before it.

Sitting Squat                                     Standing Squat

  1. Left leg is balanced on a chair or bench behind you so you are balanced on your right leg 15 reps, 13 reps, 10 reps
  2.  Right leg is balanced on a chair or bench behind you so you are balanced on your left leg 15 reps, 13 reps, 10 reps
  3. Normal, standing, weightless squats 10 resp, 8, reps, 6 reps

*Can you guess? Yes! (L leg, R leg, Squat, L leg, R leg, Squat, L leg, R leg, Squat) Again, each set has less reps than the last.

Typically I have a few more leg exercises but I upped my reps and I felt like a new born giraffe and called it a day.

Well, anyways. I think that’s all.

Until Next Time,


Menu 8.6 – 8.12

Hey all. I just wanted to really quickly clarify that I am NOT posting “healthy” recipes. They are not catered specifically to any diet, paleo diet, or for vegans and vegetarians. I have no food allergies and there for there will be gluten. If I post a recipe that does not cater to your life style you are more than welcome to make any substitutions that you choose. Also if I come across recipes that are vegan or vegetarian friendly I will make a comment about it. I however can take a guess and say that about 98% of what I post is going to contain a meat, or some sort of meat product. I apologize if that sounds rude or anything, I am just covering my disclaimer incase people get upset that recipes I post contain meat. Lets be real, it will happen, it’s the internet. Everyone get offended.


On to the menu!

Sunday 8.6 – Dinner at Devon’s parents. This is a Sunday tradition and yeah.

Monday 8.7 – So Dev and I wernt really feeling the whole dinner thing last night. I had originally planned a chicken and rice recipe. (Salt and pepper with garlic and then the 5 minute ready rice). I ended up just cooking the chicken. We had a late lunch and we didn’t feel like eating a “large meal”.

Tuesday 8.8 – Its hamburger night! I take 2lbs of ground beef, add salt, pepper, some garlic, Italian seasoning, and cyanine pepper. I form them into patties and cook them in a skillet. Tonight I am going make some tater-tots, because well, potato is life.

Wednesday 8.9 – Creamy Rosemary Pork Chops. Here is the recipe.   http://bakeatmidnite.com/rosemary-cream-pork-chops/# (Still figuring out this blog thing and how to connect hyperlinks. I apologize). I might add in some green beans or maybe broccoli as a side vegetable.

Thursday 8.10 – It’s leftover night. I don’t know how to cook in small portions for 2 people so we typically end up with a large amount of leftovers.

Friday 8.11 – Sandwich night. Self explanatory. Get some bread. Get some meat. Grab some chips. Bam, dinner.

Saturday 8.12 – Due to family events that are happening this Sunday, so we are doing family dinner on Sunday.

Well, yeah. There we go. Dinners for the week.



Success and Struggle

All right guys. Happy Sunday!

Ready for a new week? A chance at making a change, maybe doing some thing that you haven’t? Meeting a new goal? I know I am. I know that I have said it before, but I know that I’m ready to go and dedicate more time to making this blog more successful. I have a planner, a bullet journal complete with habit trackers and menu plans. I also have work out plans and a blog schedule. I’m excited to continue to work on this and make this into something. I hope you are ready to put your reading glasses on because there are going to be a lot more posts to come.

First. I think that I’m going to start with what I struggled with this week. I did not go to the gym as regularly as I had been going. I was going about 3 to 4 times a week, and on days that I would go with Bailey, and meet with Rick, I was sometimes going 2 times a day. This past week I only went twice. Tuesday and Thursday. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I am EXHAUSTED. I think that i needed to recover from my time with Rick. I had never worked that hard in my life. I also need to work on my accountability and not depend on others. Baily had a concert and did not go to the gym with me Wednesday morning. So I decided to sleep in and take the day for my self. My goal is to start going every week day. I’ll let you know next Sunday how that went. Another struggle was that because I only went to the gym twice, I didn’t post on Friday what my workouts looked like. So there is a big L on that one.

I also struggled with how badly my sugar cravings were. I ate a lot of sugar. It was really bad, and I could feel my body rejecting that much sugar. I felt like a slug and had a sense of heaviness come over me. I don’t know how else to describe it, and that might be another reason why I felt so tired.

On to the positive.

My biggest success is that I bought a swimsuit. I don’t even know the last time that I put on a swimsuit and felt confident in it. Its a beautiful one piece from Target. Its like a plumb/maroon red wine color and its got a high halter neck. Does that make sense? But is so pretty and I rocked that thing all day at the pool Thursday and Friday. Also, another small win, I met my 10,000K step goal. I think it had to do with the shopping at Target and all the trips to the dressing room to try things on.


I have some exciting news come tomorrow, fingers crossed. And the menu that I put together for next week.

See you next time,

Weigh in Wednesday 8.2.2017

Ok, so here is the first official comparison photo. I don’t see many changes personally, but I feel different. Does that make sense? Like, I’ve noticed that my pants fit looser around my waist but tighter in my thighs. Also, some of my more snug tips are getting more comfortable to wear. I may be crazy but I’m going to claim it as a win and a weight loss. 

This is me currently. I did take this photo at 10:00pm I’m kinda bloated from the day and food and stuff. I did not get on the scale for an official wight, but after weighing in with Trainer Rick after 5 sessions I was 247lbs. I know that’s only about a pound lost from when I originally posted on June 16, but I did have a weight gain. The morning that I started with Rick I was at 255lbs. So technically I lost 8lbs. I will say that so far this week I have not been very good about going to the gym. I have only gone so far on Tuesday, so I’m expecting a gain. I also have had a terrible craving for sugar and dairy. I has maybe 5 glasses of milk the other day. I don’t know what’s wrong with me …

(Wednesday 8.2.2017)

(Monday 6.19.2017)

Creating a Blog Schedule, At Last

Alright, so the time has come, and I have finally created a schedule. This hopefully will promote regular posting from me. Especially because I said that I was going to give you updates on what has been happening with Trainer Rick and that never happened … Here is what I plan on publishing for you.

Monday- This is going to be my weekly menu and links that will hold the recipe. Most of them are in all honesty are going to be Pinterst links that are attached to other blogs or websites. For recipes that I cook by heart, or that I haven’t pulled a recipe for I will post what I can. The goal of this is that way it will help limit when we are eating out. I also want to start trying new recipes. I eat a lot of chicken and well, more chicken.

Wednesday- I know I posted in a previous blog that I was not going to create a “Weekly Weigh In” but well, I’m creating a weekly weigh in. I think this change is because of the week and a half that I spent learning and training with Rick. At the end of it I have noticed small changes and I want to be able to share those with all of you, and document everything that I have been doing.

Friday- Workout summary. I was told that its a good idea to change what I’m doing every 4-6 weeks so that way my body doesn’t reach a plateau. So I’m going to post a review of what I did for the week.

Sunday- This is going to be my struggles and successes day. I want to be able to post things that I didn’t do so well with, example, if we went out to eat instead of following the meal menu or if it was a bad munching day. I know that there are many fitness type blogs and I personally feel that they don’t always post the struggle and it doesn’t always seem personal. I want to create a personal experience with you all. I want you to know that I’m not perfect, and that I’m not aiming for perfection.

Thank you all,

3 Free Training Sessions: Monday

Just a quick note, PTR = Personal Trainer Rick.
12:30pm, walk into the gym, nervous as hell, and ask the front desk person where I could find Rick. I hear a booming voice behind me and up stands this massive tree trunk of a man. He looks like Michael Clarke Duncan, maybe a little shorter, but no exaggerating on the fact he is built like a tree trunk. So I walk over, introduce myself, and take a seat.

He asks the typical “What are your goals from these training sessions?” (Learn proper technique for muscle building and tone-ing) “When was the last time you were going to the gym consistently for 6 months?” (Never) “On a scale of 1-10 how clean is your eating?” (3-5?) “Do you know how to create a work out plan that changes frequently enough to prevent plateau?” (Nope) “Have you ever competed in sports?” (Does marching band count?) “If I were to give you a pill that fixed one problem area immediately, what would it be?” (My stomach, abdominal area) He said that I have nice muscle definition(?) what ever that means, but I’ll take the complement!

So after the questions and what not we moved over to where the weights were. I have never, ever, completed dumbbell weight exercises before, He handed me 10 lbs and it was ok to start but about the time we get to the third rep of each little workout cluster, I could feel the burn. I could feel it in my should, my biceps, my triceps, and my chest. Now that its Friday, I finally have full mobility in my arms with no weakness or tenderness. I know I’m crazy, but I swear, after on work out session with the weights, I have tiny little arm muscles now. I will attempt to find you what we did specifically and post it on another post.

I was able to complete everything that he had planned for arms and free weights so we moved on to the beginnings of some leg and lower body stuff. PTR had me stand on, what I like to call, the Squat Machine. Its the thing that is like a platform, and you sit down, and then you push off the platform and it extends thus creating a squat like exercise. First we did feet shoulder width apart, then feet together, and the heels together. Those three different stances work about three different areas in the legs I guess, all I can say is that my legs were fire. We did another leg exercise thing, but I wont go into it because by that time I turned and looked at him and was like “Have you ever had anyone throw up before?” (Yes. If you’re feeling that way we can stop.) He said that because I am not looking to become a professional athlete, nor am I training to be a part of a competition, I don’t have to push my body. So we finished up, he gave me a protein bar, and I was headed home.

When Devon got off work we went to the pool which was really nice. It was warm enough out that the cold water felt refreshing. I mostly just wanted to be weightless. I floated around on my back and just let my muscles relax. Spent some time in a hot-tub, and then went home and relaxed for the rest of the night. Not gonna lie, I don’t remember what we had for dinner … Oh, just salt and peppered seasoned chicken breasts with a small serving of white rice.


Zumba, A Lucky Win, and A Job Interview

I should have bought a lottery ticket too, this Friday was one of the luckiest, most random Fridays that I have ever had.

It all started with Zumba. Bailey and I have been going to Fitness for $10 in Sparks for about a month now, and we decided to try out one of the classes. I have only ever done Zumba once, and it was not all smiles like on TV. Its a whole different type of cardio. I thought that with my marching band experience, and now that I have been going to the gym a little more regularly that this would have been easier than the first time. I was wrong. More on that in a sec. Anyway, Bailey and I were told that it was going to be $5 to enter because we only have the standard membership, but the guy at the front desk said that we could try it for free as our first time. Woo! That’s already a great way to start my Friday morning. so we go into the locker room and there is a “ENTER TO WIN A FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION” bucket thing. I shrug my shoulders, what’s the harm, and then I jot down my info and head off to the Zumba room. We walk in and Bailey and I are the only ones there. Yeah. so much for my plan of hiding in the back. It turned out not to be that bad. The class was about 50 minutes long, and we did about 5 “dances”. They kicked my butt. Its a lot of Latin moves, which is a lot of on-your-toes-hips-swaying moves that totally kill my poor flat feet. I cant remember if I’ve talked about it yet, but I’m flat footed and the bottoms of my feet cramp up really bad. I find its when they are stretched, so standing on my toes, running, bouncing, walking, and even flexing the way I need to for marching. It hurts and I typically have to take a break from what I’m doing for a minute and rub out my non-existent arches. I couldn’t do that this time around, there were only 2 of us. Also, as I mentioned before, its a different kind of cardio. the nice part what that because it was just the two of us the instructor took the time to break down the steps for us. At the end of it all I was glad that I went. It was an awesome experience, I’m going to continue to go, on days that I don’t work and have the free time.

So after Zumba I ran a few errands, picked up some new shoes and a makeup foundation that better aches my skin tone. I have discovered that all of my other foundations I bought during winter when I was super pale, so they look funny during the summer. Got home, took a nice long, well needed bubble bath because I had a job interview at 3. I graduated in May with my B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology. I should be applying to jobs that are related to my degree. At least that’s what my dad wants. Currently my part time job, that could be ending at the end of summer, isn’t able to support me and the amount of rent at the new place so I applied for a second part-time/full-time job. Just incase I lose the job at the planetarium. Its a retail store called Torrid, its for plus sized people, and well, I love it. I have found cloths that for once fit me properly, don’t make me feel self conscious, and are still super cute. I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to get a job interview there. IF I get the job, I will be able to start saving money for grad school, and if I lose the job at the planetarium ill have a failsafe. Also, the discounts that I can get would be awesome. more professional cloths for future work and grad school.

I feel pretty confident in the interview. It was a group interview, there were two other ladies there with me. I felt like I asked enough questions that I made my self memorable. Also, the Greek Music Fraternity that I’m a part of, well I was wearing my pin, as well as the different add on achievements that I got while being a member, and as it turns out, the lady that was doing my interview was once a chapter president from my chapter. Not saying that us being apart of the same organization should automatically give me the job above anyone else. I do think that it helps show what kind of individual I am and what my values, goals, and beliefs are, as well as the hard work and dedication I have because she at some point had the same.

On my way home from the interview, I get a text message from the gym saying that I have won 3 free personal training sessions. WHAT?! I never win those random draw things. I don’t know, maybe they offer it to anyone to try and rope them into getting a personal trainer, but either way, I’m excited. So look out for a post on Monday about it. I have my first session at 12:30.

Until Next Time,