3 Free Training Sessions: Monday

Just a quick note, PTR = Personal Trainer Rick.
12:30pm, walk into the gym, nervous as hell, and ask the front desk person where I could find Rick. I hear a booming voice behind me and up stands this massive tree trunk of a man. He looks like Michael Clarke Duncan, maybe a little shorter, but no exaggerating on the fact he is built like a tree trunk. So I walk over, introduce myself, and take a seat.

He asks the typical “What are your goals from these training sessions?” (Learn proper technique for muscle building and tone-ing) “When was the last time you were going to the gym consistently for 6 months?” (Never) “On a scale of 1-10 how clean is your eating?” (3-5?) “Do you know how to create a work out plan that changes frequently enough to prevent plateau?” (Nope) “Have you ever competed in sports?” (Does marching band count?) “If I were to give you a pill that fixed one problem area immediately, what would it be?” (My stomach, abdominal area) He said that I have nice muscle definition(?) what ever that means, but I’ll take the complement!

So after the questions and what not we moved over to where the weights were. I have never, ever, completed dumbbell weight exercises before, He handed me 10 lbs and it was ok to start but about the time we get to the third rep of each little workout cluster, I could feel the burn. I could feel it in my should, my biceps, my triceps, and my chest. Now that its Friday, I finally have full mobility in my arms with no weakness or tenderness. I know I’m crazy, but I swear, after on work out session with the weights, I have tiny little arm muscles now. I will attempt to find you what we did specifically and post it on another post.

I was able to complete everything that he had planned for arms and free weights so we moved on to the beginnings of some leg and lower body stuff. PTR had me stand on, what I like to call, the Squat Machine. Its the thing that is like a platform, and you sit down, and then you push off the platform and it extends thus creating a squat like exercise. First we did feet shoulder width apart, then feet together, and the heels together. Those three different stances work about three different areas in the legs I guess, all I can say is that my legs were fire. We did another leg exercise thing, but I wont go into it because by that time I turned and looked at him and was like “Have you ever had anyone throw up before?” (Yes. If you’re feeling that way we can stop.) He said that because I am not looking to become a professional athlete, nor am I training to be a part of a competition, I don’t have to push my body. So we finished up, he gave me a protein bar, and I was headed home.

When Devon got off work we went to the pool which was really nice. It was warm enough out that the cold water felt refreshing. I mostly just wanted to be weightless. I floated around on my back and just let my muscles relax. Spent some time in a hot-tub, and then went home and relaxed for the rest of the night. Not gonna lie, I don’t remember what we had for dinner … Oh, just salt and peppered seasoned chicken breasts with a small serving of white rice.



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