Zumba, A Lucky Win, and A Job Interview

I should have bought a lottery ticket too, this Friday was one of the luckiest, most random Fridays that I have ever had.

It all started with Zumba. Bailey and I have been going to Fitness for $10 in Sparks for about a month now, and we decided to try out one of the classes. I have only ever done Zumba once, and it was not all smiles like on TV. Its a whole different type of cardio. I thought that with my marching band experience, and now that I have been going to the gym a little more regularly that this would have been easier than the first time. I was wrong. More on that in a sec. Anyway, Bailey and I were told that it was going to be $5 to enter because we only have the standard membership, but the guy at the front desk said that we could try it for free as our first time. Woo! That’s already a great way to start my Friday morning. so we go into the locker room and there is a “ENTER TO WIN A FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION” bucket thing. I shrug my shoulders, what’s the harm, and then I jot down my info and head off to the Zumba room. We walk in and Bailey and I are the only ones there. Yeah. so much for my plan of hiding in the back. It turned out not to be that bad. The class was about 50 minutes long, and we did about 5 “dances”. They kicked my butt. Its a lot of Latin moves, which is a lot of on-your-toes-hips-swaying moves that totally kill my poor flat feet. I cant remember if I’ve talked about it yet, but I’m flat footed and the bottoms of my feet cramp up really bad. I find its when they are stretched, so standing on my toes, running, bouncing, walking, and even flexing the way I need to for marching. It hurts and I typically have to take a break from what I’m doing for a minute and rub out my non-existent arches. I couldn’t do that this time around, there were only 2 of us. Also, as I mentioned before, its a different kind of cardio. the nice part what that because it was just the two of us the instructor took the time to break down the steps for us. At the end of it all I was glad that I went. It was an awesome experience, I’m going to continue to go, on days that I don’t work and have the free time.

So after Zumba I ran a few errands, picked up some new shoes and a makeup foundation that better aches my skin tone. I have discovered that all of my other foundations I bought during winter when I was super pale, so they look funny during the summer. Got home, took a nice long, well needed bubble bath because I had a job interview at 3. I graduated in May with my B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology. I should be applying to jobs that are related to my degree. At least that’s what my dad wants. Currently my part time job, that could be ending at the end of summer, isn’t able to support me and the amount of rent at the new place so I applied for a second part-time/full-time job. Just incase I lose the job at the planetarium. Its a retail store called Torrid, its for plus sized people, and well, I love it. I have found cloths that for once fit me properly, don’t make me feel self conscious, and are still super cute. I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to get a job interview there. IF I get the job, I will be able to start saving money for grad school, and if I lose the job at the planetarium ill have a failsafe. Also, the discounts that I can get would be awesome. more professional cloths for future work and grad school.

I feel pretty confident in the interview. It was a group interview, there were two other ladies there with me. I felt like I asked enough questions that I made my self memorable. Also, the Greek Music Fraternity that I’m a part of, well I was wearing my pin, as well as the different add on achievements that I got while being a member, and as it turns out, the lady that was doing my interview was once a chapter president from my chapter. Not saying that us being apart of the same organization should automatically give me the job above anyone else. I do think that it helps show what kind of individual I am and what my values, goals, and beliefs are, as well as the hard work and dedication I have because she at some point had the same.

On my way home from the interview, I get a text message from the gym saying that I have won 3 free personal training sessions. WHAT?! I never win those random draw things. I don’t know, maybe they offer it to anyone to try and rope them into getting a personal trainer, but either way, I’m excited. So look out for a post on Monday about it. I have my first session at 12:30.

Until Next Time,


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